Accounting for New Zealand with Reckon Business & Accounting Software

Being a New Zealand business firm, it is very necessary that you must use perfect accounting software that automatically holds the tax structure of your nation. It is vital to carry on the business as per the taxation norms of your own country.

Australia has designed their own accounting software with additional inbuilt support for their own taxation system i.e. Goods and Service Tax (GST). MYOB and Reckon are two examples for the perfectly designed accounting software by the Australians and for the Australians.

Reckon is the other accounting software which is widely used by all the business firms preferably in New Zealand. It is the owned product of the Reckon Company, an Australian software company. But widely, Reckon Accounts has been used by most of the enterprise in New Zealand.

Reckon Accounts Accounting Software

Reckon Accounts is one out of all the products of the Reckon Software Company of Australia, who design and develop the accounting software for the business firms of Australia and New Zealand. Reckon Accounts Accounting software is mainly designed for the New Zealand Business Firms, which handles the GST tax structure.

It provides cloud-based accounting services which are very easy to use and fits within every firm’s budget. It ensures one online solution for all your enterprise wants. Other than the basic accounting features, this version has several advanced features that give the additional benefit to grow your business.

Some features of Reckon Accounts Software are listed below:

  1. Have the capacity to be operated by up to 200 users.
  2. Advance data security with free and regular backup plans.
  3. Updation is done mechanically and free of cost.
  4. Data can be stored in the cloud in the Australian region.
  5. Cloud software enhances easy synchronization with other allowing fast and instant sharing of files.
  6. Reckon accounts are also available on the desktop version with the cloud features.
  7. It has the ability to support the multi-international currencies while recording the transactions.
  8. You can integrate the several business applications in it for the faster-getting data into Reckon.

Different Online version of Reckon Accounts

  1. Reckon Accounts Hosted: A Web-hosted software designed for managing the different business sites prevailing in other regions of the country.
  2. Reckon One: For small business firms.
  3. Reckon Accounts Desktop: Basic accounting function
  4. Reckon Accounts Easy Start: For the new start and home-based businesses specifically used in simple bookkeeping.
  5. Reckon Accounts Accounting: Also for small business with accounting functions along with managing the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Book and General Ledger.
  6. Reckon Accounts Plus: Accounting plus payroll features.
  7. Reckon Accounts Premier: Multi-user web software used for managing and tracking costs on your business projects.
  8. Reckon Accounts Enterprise Solution: It is also a multi-user accounting as well as business management software.
  9. Reckon Accounts Payroll: Software expertise in managing our business employee’s payroll.
  10. Reckon Retail Point of Sale: A sale expertise software which also managed inventory and provides customer management tools.

 How Reckon Accounts software is Helpful for the business needs?

  1. It provides on-time reporting system form the present data in the accounts. You can customize it, as per your requirements.
  2. The reporting system is available in several formats as per the need of your business.
  3. You can well focus on your profitability as this software can manage your business jobs tracking its expenses.
  4. You can directly link your bank accounts into the software; this facilitates you with automatic download of transactions directly into the bank feeds.
  5. You can make your Reckon Accounts accounting software fully mechanical by the facility of integration in it.
  6. GST inbuilt supportive system helps you in automatic processing of tax at the end of every financial year.
  7. You can manage the payroll of the employees working in your organization. It can process for unlimited employees.
  8. It helps you in tracking your business expenses and ensures that they are properly classified.
  9. Invoices/bills are tracked and managed from their occurrence until their maturity.
  10. It has the ability to track and manage your inventory even on a daily basis.
  11. It also equipped with management functions like future planning, framing business policies and budgeting on the basis of reports generated by Reckon Accounts.

Reckon Accounts is the user-friendly and affordable accounting software. It is highly been used by business firms all over the New Zealand region. It completes all your needs for accounting features at one platform only. Your business will be on your fingertips and can access full control over the business operations. It will assist you in growing your business in each direction.

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