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Accounting and bookkeeping both are the necessary process which to be taken up by any business firms. They both deal with the financial data as their main nature. Even they both share the common goals and have similarities between them, up to some extent. But still they have a vast basis of differences among them. Although, the difference is very slight and it may become difficult for the person to differentiate who have a lack of knowledge between both of them. Many people still use these words interchangeably. They are still not sure about their exact differences. They both are involved in completing the business process for any business firm.

In general sense, bookkeeping is just the process of recording and classifying the business monetary transactions into the books of accounts in a chronically order. The bookkeeping process is responsible in recording the day-to-day business transactions and then classifying them as per their concerned accounts and making their accounts balanced.

• Single Entry System
• Double Entry System

Accounting is far more than just bookkeeping. Accounting involves the summarizing of the recorded transactions and grouping them in a similar way and interpreting their results. Interpretation is done at the end of completion of whole accounting process and the recorded data is transformed into meaningful statements, which are a source of information for their users. These meaningful statements are called the financial statements which are produced at the end of every financial year.

What do a professional accountant and bookkeeper do?

You can also understand the difference between accounting and bookkeeping by key points of difference mentioned on below image.


[caption id="attachment_1904" align="aligncenter" width="700"]What do a professional accountant and bookkeeper do? The key points of difference between bookkeeping and accounting are - Scope, Interlinked, Main Functions, Decision Making, Tools, End Results, Categories, Expertize, Information[/caption]

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