Combining the Power of Hubdoc with Xero


Xero, accounting software package, that is employed by the business companies itself and even by all the accounting outsourcing firms. It is a cloud accounting software package meeting all the specified wants of the small as well as medium-sized businesses. It provides complete accounting solutions to the firms. It is widely been utilized by all the firms in the offshore countries like U.K, U.S.A, Canada and so on. Like QuickBooks, Xero additionally has the feature of integration with several other applications, which will be helpful in managing the business operations effectively.


Hubdoc is basically a product of Xero itself and it is a widely used the app as an integrated application within the Xero accounting software online package. Hubdoc is an application which is employed to extract the information/data in terms of receipts, invoices, and bills. It is an automatic application that collects stores and organizes the document by integrating with your online cloud accounting software. It primarily aims at reducing the paperwork for any firm. The straight forward manner of inputting the data is, with the help of just clicking the image that is scanning automatically all the receipts and bills.


Hubdoc is that app which is designed to meet the need of every account and the business clients. It has the capability to synchronize with the Xero accounting software package as well, along with the QuickBooks. Hubdoc is incredibly straightforward to operate and convenient in terms of money and times. It is a cloud-based accounting application that is set up and extracts the data from the various online platforms; you would like to integrate with.

Hubdoc features a capacity to support several sites of different banks, credit cards, utilities, insurance and your different business accounts you are coping with. It is very easy to add them in the Zero, as you need an e-mail for the support with the URL and Xero support.

Xero integration with Hubdoc can facilitate to extend the productivity of your business organization and can offer you additional free time to cope with your clients. It will mechanically import the entire financial document by extracting them from the officials’ platforms into itself and visible all the data in the Xero window, bank feeds or directly into the accounts.

You will be benefited in the following ways when you synchronize your Xero accounting software with the Cloud-based Hubdoc app:

    1. Bills, invoices and statements are automatically provided to you, typically even on a daily basis.
    2. Processing of recurring bills and statements within the Xero is done by the Hubdoc itself.
    3. No need for manual input in Xero and storing large paper records.
    4. As per your command, all the imported data will be transferred directly into the Xero.
    5. Hubdoc will ping you when the transactions have been extracting by it by with just an email.
    6. You can upload the documents by capturing all the statements, documents and receipts in the Hubdoc mobile application.
    7. The stored is always safe and secure in the application; even you will be able to export the information to the Google dive in the future.
    8. The output will be highly accurate in terms of financial statements.
    9. It will provide audit proof of the business.

Hubdoc app is inclining its pace over the market by every passing day. It is extremely been utilized by the business organization all over the globe, for getting the highly professional result in the business. This integration app is useful for you to access all your bookkeeping process from it.

Come and collaborate with by giving the bookkeeping and accounting activities of your business to Accounting Outsource Hub, as a outsource services. Take the full-fledged advantage of Hubdoc and Xero both and make your bookkeeping and accounting process result extremely accurate and beneficial for you.

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