Why do Foreign Companies choose to Outsource in India?

In this day and age, India is considered to be the most preferable Global destination for several purposes, especially for outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services.

Outsourcing services of the accounting and bookkeeping is pacing height by every passing day.

These kinds of services are increasing their pace especially in Asian countries like, India and China. Outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping is done due to several reasons which we will discuss below. But let’s take review to recall the meaning of outsourcing.

Outsourcing is the best way to delegates the non-core task to the outer parties for focusing on the core task for making better operational efficiency and grows the business.

While choosing the clients for outsourcing, companies considered various factors and make out the results in joining hands with the best outsourcing clients and third parties. The companies looking to outsource accounting work has also to search for best services for taking consideration their own benefits in terms of money and security.

Countries like U.S.A., Australia, U.K and Canada usually are the one who outsource accounting and bookkeeping services preferring to Asian Countries like India. In India, clients are mostly are from these mentioned countries. Their first preferences are only Asian countries, and the reasons are various, according to them.


Benefit of Difference in Time Zone: Asian countries like India have different time zone form the foreign countries like U.S.A ,U.K, Australia, etc.. This difference can be helpful for the companies as the work can be operated for the longer hours. This will be benefited in getting timely done of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services assignment and meeting deadlines.

Low Cost: The foreign accounting outsourcing companies are mostly benefited in joining hands with the accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing companies in India, in the criteria of cost. The labor cost is much lower in India, in comparison to the others destination of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services. Although, the expenses will be rise for the company, by hiring outsourcing clients, but it will be the contract of the affordable bookkeeping services.

Recruiting External Resources: Foreign accounting and bookkeeping companies dealing with accounting and bookkeeping companies in India will come to know about the fresh talents, highly skills professionals and expertise staff. They can build a healthy relationship with them, which will be fruitful in nature in terms of hiring the highly skilled employees from India, whenever there will be need in the business firm.

Stability in policies and rules: Indian Government is stable for longer period and so for their policies and rules. This benefited accounting and bookkeeping outsourced companies the most. As they will not have to understand the policies and rules over and over. And the modification is not required in the firm administration after a short interval.

Fresh talents and Deep Skills: Although the labor cost is lower in India, but is does not mean that the workers/ employees are not skilled or talented. They are enriched with deep knowledge and skills. Their dedication to do work and break all their barriers. Even, at present, English is not considered a barrier in the communication, in the field of business.

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