How it works

how it works

An Easy Operation for Accounting & Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services
How It Works

We work in 5 Phases

We believe in easy operations, so that you do the minimum work, while we do the maximum work.



  • You contact us and allow us to serve you.
  • We usually contact you over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Applications such as Skype. We take your requirements and ask you a few basic questions to get started.
  • These questions will include all your queries about how the process will work, with all the detailed explanations on the number of hours that will be dedicated to the project and how the payment is to be made to us.
  • We always go with the mode of communication as decided by the client so that the client feels comfortable while communicating.
  • Once, we have established the communication, and we have agreed upon starting the project, we move to the next step




  • You send us all the data that is necessary to carry out various operations to produce the desired results.
  • You can scan the documents (bills, receipts, statements, sales information, etc.) and upload it to a secure server or e-mail the documents to our mailbox or place it in your computer so that we can access it remotely, etc.
  • You can also use the latest method to send us a document via Google drive/Skydrive/ or any other method. We will download the documents and saved on your computer with organization folder name.
  • You can provide the Online Login Detail of the Bank/Payroll. We will access your account and download the bank statements, QBO files.
  • You can provide computer access via the internet using cloud method like Remote Connection,,, VPN,, etc.
  • Our dedicated expertise accountant will access your computer via cloud-based method as you provide an updated your Books up to date.
  • We will update your books overnight. We will start it in the morning (according to our time-zone) and finish the assignment by the time you come to your office in the morning (according to your time-zone). So, while you sleep, we work on your behalf and by the time you come to your office, we will Log out/Log off from your computer.




  • We convert all your distributed data into high quality, result-oriented information in the form of Spreadsheets, Pivot Tables, Pie-Charts or any other illustrative or descriptive format that you require.
  • We will do the input operations, i.e. entering the invoices & bills, reconciliation, update payroll in accounting software.
  • We customize financial reports according to the needs of our clients.
  • We sign off the bank accounts and logout from your server securely.




  • We send you the final result, as well as make its back-up on our secure servers for archival use.
  • We send the status of work performed through email to you.
  • You come to the office the next morning and find the books updated on your computer.


Now, you might be wondering, where is the payment part? Well, we usually discuss that over our conversation. Hence, we are flexible with the payment. We understand that you might be a start-up, or a mid-sized or a large firm and your preferences may vary according to your business model or structure. Hence, we have not only slashed our rates, but we also give you the timeline to make payments to us when you order our services for a longer duration of time. However, we do ask for quick payments if you hire us for overnight work because it takes a lot of effort and hard-work to present abstract data in a few hours and we might have to dedicate extra hours for it as well.



As decided during the communication phase, you send us the payment that is due. We will gladly accept any tip that you might want to send us if you found our services good enough to serve you. You send us the payment using any method, which has been agreed upon previously.


Hire us now as your outsourcing partner.