Outsourcing Financial Consolidation: The Need Of The Hour

Financial Consolidation means combining financial data from various departments in a organisation or across various organisations for various reporting and decision making purposes. Financial Consolidation always brings out the best data since it combines and presents all forms of data from all departments to check for various loopholes and vulnerabilities in the business.

This process includes importing data, in the form of .xls or .csv files and then mapping the data to check for common grounds and then create a single chart of accounts by combining the consolidated data and producing reports. Such reports are technically termed as consolidated financial statements.

Our expertise in financial consolidation techniques can help you in simultaneously navigating between various currencies as well as as taking into consideration the various rules and regulations set by the various regulatory authorities (like FEMA, IFRS, GAAP, etc.).

Major benefits include:

• Accurate and timely consolidation, with the help of powerful Management Information System reports generated using face paced software.

• Hassle free processing leading to efficient reporting across various departments or organisations.

• By outsourcing the entire Financial and Accounting with reporting processes, the companies are able to save up to half of the costs incurred if there is an in-house team employed for that.

• The company can easily meet the management requirements to meet strict deadlines related to their financial consolidation.

Accounting Outsource Hub is entirely committed to deliver the best customer support and service experience and help you focus on your core business areas. Combining years of expertise, experience and leveraging technology, Accounting Outsource Hub delivers cutting-edge solutions to make "simplified accounting" a reality.

Accounting Outsource Hub works closely with each and every client to design a customized service package that reacts to the unique organisational needs and goals.

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