Payroll Outsourcing - Cut-down Unwanted Workforce, Enhance productivity

Are you looking for a cost-efficient method for the HR Division?

Payroll Outsourcing is the best cost-effective method for HR divisions to save time, cut down on unwanted staff and enhances productivity.

Payroll services are the one among the foremost and vital function of management and it is the way to reward the employees for the work they have done. Although, this function is not considered, the core functions of the firm.

In general sense, Payroll is the list of total employees operating in an organization, in each and every department of the firm. It may also include the total amount paid to them, after all the deductions and calculations. Payroll may also refer to the company, department, or software that is used to process paycheck and taxes or to the process of calculating and distribution employee paychecks. Payroll is a sheet, which includes the total amount required to pay to every employee during a week or month or a specified period. Sheet includes a specified Performa to record the work of the employee.

In this day and age, outsourced companies along with preferring to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services, also engaged in outsourcing their payroll accounting services. In the larger firms, typically it is tough to calculate the accurate wage pay for an employee. Large accounting and bookkeeping firms always prefer to outsource the payroll services to the outsourcing companies, mainly to India.

The following are some reasons to make preference to outsource the payroll services:

    1. Payroll includes complex rules which cannot be modified by your own and even calculations that are not easily understood and are lengthy. Sometimes a minor difference can create huge misunderstandings.
    2. The main reason, payroll isn’t the core function of the enterprise. A company can target on alternative activities by outsourcing payroll accounting services.
    3. The firm will scale back their time, resources and costs for not investing majority focusing on payroll management.
    4. Payroll outsourcing services provide better reporting of the weekly, monthly, or yearly payroll.
    5. Outsourcing payroll services providers will be expertise and will give you optimum output with their latest technology.
    6. The degree of their accuracy, security, and reliability is high with the outsourcing payroll services companies.
    7. This practice will also reduce the chances of frauds and errors by the Information Reporting System.

Calculating Payroll

An hourly employee gross pay is simply calculated by:

Number of hours worked x Hourly Wage

For Salaried employee, the amount of gross pay is the salary per pay period.

Net Pay: Gross pay – Any deductions (may include tax)

Net pay is the only amount which is received by the employee.

Payroll Deductions

    1. Federal Income Tax
    2. State Income tax
    3. Social Security (FICA)
    4. Medicare Tax
    5. Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    6. SUI
    7. Any Contribution


We provide outsourcing payroll accounting services to generate

      1. Weekly Reports
      2. Monthly Reports
      3. Quarterly Reports
      4. Yearly reports

You can select any period according to your requirements and you have to pay only according to your need. And just you have to contact us.

We matched manually and automatically pay transactions to checks paid or paychecks so that the chances of errors will be zero. The expertise teams of ours will surely give you the best output and return within your deadlines in outsourcing payroll accounting services. We are from one of the known outsourcing companies in India and even in our area. You will not regret joining us.

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