BPO services

The term BPO had reached to the several engagements after the advent of trend of outsourcing services. This word has come to evolution from last few years. With the help of globalization, it becomes very easy to do business and to communicate all over the world.

If you are engaged in the providing the outsourcing services to your overseas clients, then you must be fully aware about the term BPO – Business Processes Outsourcing. And you must be even providing the BPO services to your clients and will be expecting even more than the earlier.


The term, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) generally means as an act of outsourcing, in which a company outsource its one specific activity or one or more activity related to business operations, to the third party, i.e. outsourcing companies. For instance: BPO have its roots in the manufacturing concern, where all the non-core activities are delegated to the outsourcing firms, so that they can focus on their core aspect.

Back-office Outsourcing – Internal Business Functions

Front-Office Outsourcing – Customer Related Services

In this global world, the trend of outsourcing is reaching its peak in the foreign countries. They mainly focus onto Asian Countries for outsourcing their business services. Asian country: India is stated as the most preferable country for the companies who do BPO.

BPO is just not a new concept in the field of business, but it has just taken a revolutionary turn in its history by the war of outsourcing trend. The list includes the outsourcing services like Bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, supply chain management, inventory management, billing, healthcare, infrastructure, research and so on.



  1. This process is helpful in lowering the additional costs for the business enterprise.
  2. BPO will help the firm to focus on their core functions.
  3. The services will be higher in the quality and accuracy.
  4. Outsourcing services helps in managing the resources efficiently and to make a distinguish business firm in the competitive market.
  5. BPO will helps in strengthening the market even at the offshore platform.
  6. There will be fewer chances of errors and more focus will be put on solving the problems.
  7. Work can be allocated even on the off days of the business firm.


  1. The business firm may suffer from the trust issues regarding safety, security and privacy of their data.
  2. The outsourced business firm can become over-dependence on the outsourcing firm for their work.
  3. The expenses for the outsourcing services are always hidden. They are not placed directly and even company can underestimate the cost to be incurred on outsourcing.
  4. There can be the chances of communication barriers in getting feedback or delivering the data. This may be due to difference in time zone or cultural barriers or networking.

But the advantages of outsourcing the business services are overlapping the disadvantages.

  1. As the security issues are erased by the accounting software giving the complete protection with passwords and back up facility.
  2. English is the common language spoken by all the people globally. And even the network system of the firms is strongly organized.
  3. The outsourcing companies provide their facility of outsourcing business services at very affordable prices. You just have to pay according to number of hours and terms of services you are rendering from them.

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