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Data Conversion Services to India

Information is important. Therefore it should be organized in such a way that it is easier to manage and retrieve. Organising smaller chunks of information is effortless but organizing a large volume of information takes a big chunk of your time. Unorganised information can hinder business growth and it is required to convert or upgrade it to a more digital version. You can easily lose valuable information when it is stored in hard copy, i.e. receipts or bills. But once it is converted digitally and stored on a drive, it remains there and can be accessed easily. There is no need to search for records manually as you can search any individual record from a particular year with the click of a button. It saves time as well as energy; time which you can put to use for accomplishing various tasks that are vital to the success of your business.

Our expert data conversion team is well-versed to undertake any sort of data conversion job that includes managing multiple varieties of data content such as data files, Word or Excel documents and PDF documents, etc. Our team is highly skilled when it comes to conversion from one platform to another with utmost accuracy and in a given format within the given timeframe. You can choose any service according to your requirements and we will provide you error free data conversion with absolutely no loss of data. We provide the best offshore data conversion rates on the web today. Not only any discrepancy and redundancy are eliminated, but data also converted digitally to allow easy modification in the future.

What Are Our Outsourced Data Conversion Services?

We offer a wide range of data conversion services that are flexible and suit the needs of any industry. Since manual data conversion requires accuracy and speed, the information is processed and converted in such a way that they are in alignment with the strategic goals of an organization. We offer the following data conversion services:

HTML Conversion Services

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a popular website scripting language which is used to create websites. Since HTML code is required to show information on web pages through HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), certain coding conventions are needed to be followed for presenting Word, PPT, Excel or PDF files on a web page, software or an application. This is where HTML conversion is required. A website contains at least 1 page and can have up to thousands of pages depending upon its functioning and purpose. So HTML conversion can actually be tedious and challenging. Since data is to be displayed dynamically into HTML compatible format, it has to be done with accuracy while taking into consideration the original format it was designed in.

Given the sensitivity of such data, the experts at Accounting Outsource Hub take extra care in converting Text Files, XML Files, RTF Files, PDF files, Images Files and even PSD files into HTML. We have the following services:

  1. Word Files (.doc, .docx) into HTML
  2. Excel Files (.xls, .xlsx) into HTML
  3. Powerpoint Files (.ppt, .pptx) into HTML
  4. XML Files to HTML
  5. Flash Files (.swf, .flv) to HTML
  6. Image Files (.jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .png) to HTML
  7. PDF to HTML
  8. PSD to HTML

Why Outsource HTML Conversion to Accounting Outsource Hub?

  1. We have more than 7 years of experience in providing on-time HTML conversion outsourcing services to customers belonging to various industries from around the world.
  2. Our certified and experienced workers are professional at dealing with HTML conversion responsibilities meticulously in a given timeframe.
  3. We have the best modern systems and computer software that are being used for the execution of HTML conversion and handling projects.
  4. We can convert information from a wide array of formats including paper (manual scanned documents) as well as digital documents (word, excel, pdf, etc.) into HTML documents.
  5. We ensure that the information is performed effectively in line with the HTML standard protocol. This involves being mindful of the condition of the data, headings, tables, tags, lists, etc. and using the considered necessary tags, incorporation of hyperlinks and cross-links, mail addresses and various domains that are a critical facet of a valid HTML convention.
  6. All HTML tasks comprising complicated conversions are completed within the least turnaround time.
  7. All our methods devolve around strict security and confidentiality methods. Clients can relax easily as they are promised that each one their data file could be converted to HTML as well as converted back to the original format as and whenever required.
  8. We have a devoted 24x7 hours of customer support at all times of the year, to manage any urgent requirement.

Manual to Digital Document Conversion Services

These days it is necessary to digitize data for enhanced business process and increased productivity. Businesses receive a bulk of documents on a daily basis. These include bills, receipts, invoices, applications, etc. They continue to pile up in the storage locker or in a room. Imagine thousands of bills in a room and you’re required to find out one bill from that huge pile. Looks like a challenging task, doesn’t it? Let’s consider another scenario where you have to find out the total working days for a particular employee for a specific month. Will you go through the attendance register to manually check it out? Well, you might because it is the only way to retrieve information. You might end up spending a lot of time checking the register and compiling the data. And that’s for one individual employee. Imagine assembling data for all employees in the organization. The sound of that only makes it exhausting. This is where we come into action.

Accounting Outsource Hub provides manual to digital document conversion services at the most affordable prices. The services are not only convenient but also valuable as all manual data is converted to an easily manageable digital format. All the bills and invoices are stored in a structured format making it easier to be retrieved for use in the future.

All you need to do is send us the scanned documents and we will convert it to the format of your choice. This is essential for managing various accounting and bookkeeping tasks. We will not only convert it into the final output of your choice but will also provide proper formatting so that the data does not look cluttered.

We use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert the documents and images into text files. OCR gives the desired output which is manually checked for errors. After proofreading and eliminating the errors, it is stored as a single entity, like a Word, Excel or PDF file, or stored as individual entities in the form of images. The final file set is uploaded to the secure servers that are password protected. Only clients have the password and they can download the files whenever necessary.

We provide the following Manual to Digital Document Conversion Services:

  1. Scan to PDF conversion (.pdf)
  2. Scan to Image conversion (.jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .jpeg, .png)
  3. Scan to Word conversion (.doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf)
  4. Scan to Excel conversion (.xls, .xlsx, .csv)

Digital Document Conversion Services

Many times we need a particular file in a particular format, but the task of conversion is time-consuming. Not only it requires particular attention to accuracy, but the formatting also needs to be on point. Sometimes, a particular software or system would only take a particular file as an input, but if the file is in another format, the task could not be completed. Therefore, Accounting Outsource Hub provides the most affordable document conversion services for clients such as CPA's, CFO's, accounting firms, small businesses, restaurants, local businesses, etc.

To maximize the value generated from the file, it is first converted to the desired format and then checked for any misprints or skipped characters. This is due to the fact that even technology has some limitations and it is required to manually check for any errors. Once everything is confirmed, it is sent to the client in the editable format so that it is easier to manage and retrieve.

Some major digital document conversion services that we provide are:

  1. PDF to DOC conversion
  2. PDF to Excel conversion
  3. JPG to Word conversion
  4. JPG to Excel conversion
  5. Books to HTML, PDF and Word conversion
  6. TIFF to HTML, PDF, EXCEL and WORD conversion

In Books to HTML, PDF and WORD conversion, we ask you to provide only the books that you own or you have the license to distribute in any format across the globe. We are bound by the law and therefore we cannot provide conversion for copyright and confidential books. We ask for valid documents to support your claim, in the beginning, to avoid any miscommunication during the process.

Accounting Software Data Conversion Services

Are you looking to switch to new accounting software? Chances are that the data format in the current accounting software won’t support the data format in the new one. The major curveball that each accounting software throws is how data is entered into it. So, whenever you want to convert data from one accounting software to another, you will come across data entry errors. Hence, you have to look for an expert who has worked on all major accounting software. Well, look no further as Accounting Outsource Hub is here to tackle that problem for you. With more than 7 years of experience in handling, managing and migrating data from one accounting software to another, you are definitely going to get the ultimate error-free converted information whenever you wish. That is why we ask for a date by the time the client wants to go online/live.

Our dedicated team consists of accounting experts as well as data manipulation professionals. Accounting data conversion is one of the most valued and popular services that we are providing. Many of our clients have been individuals and organisations who were unhappy with their previous service providers. But once they hired us, they have remained with us ever since. This is due to the fact that we have professionals working tirelessly to provide them the most unique and valuable experience when they work with us. We work in all major software, including XERO, Quickbooks, ZohoBooks, FreshBooks, Netsuite ERP, AvaTax, Dynamics, Deltek Vision, Accounting by Wave, Sage, Accounting Suite, Slick Pie, ActivityHD, ClearBooks, Intacct, etc.

With expertise in over 50 accounting software and all the TOP 20 accounting software used by 92% CPAs, CAs, CFOs, accounting and bookkeeping firms, and small businesses. Accounting Outsource Hub is the right choice when it comes to data conversion.

Process of converting data from one accounting software to another

  1. Normalization of your data to get it back to standardized version (capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms)
  2. Identification of any missing or redundant records
  3. Elimination of any unrequired data
  4. Reformatting of data if necessary
  5. Examining any corrupted information
  6. Testing the data validity at the time of export

Although, after conversion, you’re all set to go, if you still find any difficulty in managing data in the new accounting software, feel free to contact us. We provide 24x7 support and work alongside you until and unless you’re satisfied.

Depending upon the volume of data, we provide a particular time frame when it comes to data conversion. Please contact us and schedule a Skype meeting to discuss further.

Contact Us now for a FREE DEMO

We provide a FREE DEMO of our service too. We will send you an initial sample of organized information according to your requirement. We will proceed with the information from there when you approve. Therefore, you have the option of getting to know how it works before actually availing our services.

We also assure you of your information security as we have dedicated and secured servers that are monitored 24x7. So there is no chance of any kind of vulnerability or information leak.

We are constantly updating our data conversion services. If you don't find the conversion service that you're looking for, contact us or send us a message via Skype and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.