The Secret Behind Very Low Accounting Outsourcing Fee

The reason why people outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services is the reasonable fee that they pay, rather than paying hefty fee to an in-house team of professionals who use their resources, including electricity, stationery, etc. This means that by reducing overhead costs, you are able to save much more than you usually would. Now, a question that arises is that why there is a need to outsource your accounting and bookkeeping services? The answer is simple. Outsourcing is very cost effective as compared to any personal permanent accountant. But there has to be logical explanation to that as well. And now, we are going to reveal the secret that why outsourcing firms charge a very less fee as compared to the standard market fee.

The secret is the currency value. Yes, this is the secret. Since, 1 USD (US Dollar) amounts to nearly 60 INR (Indian Rupees), and 1 GBP (Great Britain Pound) converts to nearly 100 INR (Indian Rupees) , you can easily imagine that the outsourcing individuals get the money according to their currency, and it can easily be understood that due to lower cost of living than the other countries, less fee is considered valid, because it amounts to a same standard fee of the Asian market, whereas outsourcing firms or in-house teams based in US and UK charge more for that.

Hence, it goes without saying that outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services can really help you in elevating the profit margin for your firm, as well as allow you to have extra time to build good customer relations with your clients.

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