Your Desk is a Mess: Outsource your Accounting Services to Clear It Out

So, what has to be on a standard accountant’s desk? icon-bg

A pen stand, some papers, family photo, a laptop, a notepad and a coffee cup. That’s it.


So, what’s on an accountant’s desk actually?icon-bg

A pen, a lot of papers, a lot of crumbled pieces, a family photo, a lot of invoices, inventory records, daily ledger, accounting books, coffee cup, paper clips, more papers, more papers……and then some more papers.


When you are not sure of how you want to keep your record, how you want to maintain your record books and how you want to automate your accounts payables and accounts receivables, you’ll end up having a messy desk. A messy desk is always a “no-no” when it comes to professionalism. Any client of yours can think of it as a sign of unprofessionalism. You don’t want that kind of an impression, do you?

Therefore, all you have do is make your virtual assistant do the job for you, while you sit in your office dealing with clients and developing long lasting relations with them. A good office presentation goes a long way in holding a client’s interest and a messy desk can easily repel a client.

This is the reason why most CPA's and CFO's are dealing with the clients directly, while outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping services to well-qualified professionals present on the other side of the globe. This not only saves time, but also helps in saving a lot more money, because when you are outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services, you pay a lot less than you pay an in-house team to do the same task.

Because, first impression is the last impression, therefore you have to present yourself to the client before you present them your services. This all starts with a first meeting across two ends of a desk.

So, what kind of desk would you like?

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